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Brass Forging is a process in which a forging press places extreme pressure on a single piece of brass or brass alloy that has been heated to high temperatures. The softened Brass metal is then thrashed, beaten, and shaped to produce a part made from a single piece of brass and free of imperfections. Different methods of brass forging can create just about any type of three-dimensional shape or form, weighing anywhere from a few grams to several kilos. Uneven-shaped objects can be made with hot and cold forging with higher strength.
The various types of brass forging include impression or closed die forging, open die forging, cold forging, hot stamping, and seamless forging.

  • Valves: Gas Valves, Fire Extinguisher Valves, Flush Valves, Solenoid Valves, Gas Regulators, Flow Meters and Sanitary Valves.
  • Hardware: Handles, Knobs and Decorative Fittings.
  • Automotive Components: Battery Terminals, Gear Blanks, etc.

Brass Forgings are used in various appliances as mentioned above. They are hot forged and trimmed.

Specification of Brass Alloys are BS 218, BS 249, BS 291, BS 319, BS 320, BS 3488.

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