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We have Brass Copper Foundry and can offer Brass Copper Cast parts machined castings in India at very good prices!
Kindly contact us with your specs for a quote on requirements for Brass Casting Copper Castings bronze Castings. We have die casting sand casting facility and our Brass Foundry Copper Foundry Bronze Foundry is well equipped to tackle Brass Castings Copper Castings Bronze castings up to 10 kilograms. We undertake custom Brass casting Copper castings Aluminium Bronze Castings Aluminium Bronze casting Beryllium Copper castings investment casting.

Filtration and melt treatment solutions include Glassware Ht cups, glass fabric sprue tube filters, PAL rotary degassing/flux injection equipment, fluxes and additives. Hot topping compounds, boron nitride coatings, personal protection items and other consumable products are also available.

Our products are designed to customer specifications to help reduce operating costs, improve quality, Investment casting, also known as the lost wax process, produces intricate shapes, requiring high accuracy. A range of melting products are available for investment casting that include energy efficient crucible furnaces, hand pouring ladles, skimmers and thermocouples. Save energy and promote a safer environment.

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