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Stainless Steel Investment CastingStainless Steel Investment Casting

Stainless Steel Investment Casting

Investment casting often known as the lost wax process is regarded as a precision casting process to fabricate near to net-shaped metal parts from almost any metal and alloys. We produce precision investment castings to accommodate all your unique needs from the prototype, small order quantities, to high-quality runs. We are matching all International quality standards like ASTM, AISI, DIN, GOST, JIS, B.S, SAE, IS of carbon steel, stainless steel, super alloy like Hastalloy, Stellite, Monel, etc.

Investment Casting The Process

  • Formation of wax patterns are done by injecting wax into the moulds on automatic cycle control presses to ensure the consistent production of wax pattern in a controlled atmosphere. Patterns are then assembled in a form of a tree.
  • The shelling process is to provide a hard ceramic coating on the wax tree by applying the number of ceramic coats depending upon the shape, size & weight of the article in a controlled atmosphere.
  • Shells are stored in a controlled atmosphere between each coat for drying of coated ceramic.
  • Melting is done in a line isolated medium frequency induction melting furnace to ensure precise control over the mental composition.
  • Well equipped laboratory to test and ensure the accurate composition of the alloy casting after pouring.
  • Finishing of cast articles are done by knockout machines, cutting machines grinding machines, Shot blasting machines depending upon the job handled. 
  • Heat treatment of casting is done to get various properties by different processes like Normalizing, Carburizing, Salt Bath, Gas Carburizing, Nitriding, Annealing, etc.

Investment Casting Technology

  • Our technology is totally indigenous and in a modified form, from that of the existing recent developed technologies used in major developing countries. Synthetic Wax, used for patterns with water-soluble wax/urea/ ceramic for the core. Water-based colloidal silica is used with Zicron, Zicronium dioxide, Fused Siliminate, Fused Silica, and Alluminate Silicates depending on the size, shape, a metal selected. 

Investment Casting Tools Design

  • In house well-equipped design tool room to manufacture multi-cavity complex dies.
  • Associations with tool rooms equipped with CNC wire cut, spark erosion, 3D pantograph machine.

Melting & Alloy Making

  • Melting department equipped with ‘Line isolated medium frequency Induction Melting furnace’, supplied by world-leading company M/s Inductotherm.
  • The melting and pouring operation is done under the strict supervision of the melting department supervisor.
  • We make metals/alloys which cater to specific customers needs.
  • In house laboratory to test the accurate composition of alloy casting.

Investment Casting-Quality Control

  • We perform and document an initial sample inspection report of dimension and metallurgy.
  • We complete all critical inspections required by our customers prior to shipment.
  • We comply with standards like ASTM, AISI, DIN, GOST, JIS, BS, SAE, and IS.
  • Our quality Assurance Laboratory includes Modern facilities and qualified technicians. A single spark optical emission spectrometer with 28 channels has been installed for the precise measurement of the chemical composition of all alloys.
  • We perform physical & hardness tests in our house laboratory and perform fluorescent penetration inspection & ultrasonography & radiography of our casting with our associated laboratories.

Our Capabilities

Weight of CastingMinimum Weight casting : 8 gram per piece.
 Maximum weight of casting: 30 kgs per piece
Surface FinishVaries from 3 to 6 microns Ra.
Dimensional ToleranceThe Linear Tolerance of ± 0.15 mm for up to 25 mm and ± 0.12 mm for each additional 25 mm thereafter.
Material SpecificationCarbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel, Super Alloy like Hastalloy, Stellite, Monel, etc.
Minimum Wall Thickness1.5mm for High Carbon Alloys & Stainless Steel
 2.5 mm for Low Carbon Alloys & Carbon Steel
FlatnessUp to 25.00 mm 0.2 TIR
 25 mm to 50 mm 0.4 TIR
 50 mm to 100 mm 0.8 TIR
OvelityUp to 25.0 mm dia. ± 0.24 mm
 25 mm to 50 mm dia. ± 0.48 mm
 50 mm to 100 mm dia. ± 0.80 mm
Angular Tolerance± 30 Minutes

Field of Applications

  • Components with thin walls
  • Reproduce fine details
  • Castings with close dimensional tolerance
  • Castings with Fine surface finish
  • Products with Complicated Design/ Assembling
  • Parts made out of Special Metal.
  • Components with low quantity requirements.
  • Replacement of forged and fabricated parts

Investment Casting Industries

  • Automobiles
  • General Engineering 
  • Dairy Equipment
  • Process Engineering
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Textile Machinery
  • Machine Tools
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Diesel Engine 
  • Marine
  • Chemical Machineries

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