Brass Turned Parts

Brass Plugs

Thread Converters Adapters Plugs Features

  • Brass and stainless steel thread Adapters / Reduces help users with dissimilar thread sizes. Blanking plugs are used to stop and seal conducts and pipes also a range of thread accessories link Fiber/ Rubber Washers/ Seals can be provided.

Thread Converters Adapters Plugs Threads

  • ISO metric to BS 3643 1981, ISO 965/ DIN EN 50262 (12 mm to 75 mm)
  •  Imperial (ET ) to Es 31: 1979 (3/8″ to 3)
  • NPT to ANSI / ASME : 1983 (1/8″ to 3)
  • BSP (G) to 21:1985 * PG to DIN 40430 : 1971

Thread Converters Adapters Plugs Fiinish and Coating

  • Natural Brass, Nickel & Chrome Plated

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